Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Photo shooting & modeling

I have used Ljubljana's old part of town for shooting photos of my bags many times. I feel that bags look more interesting if the background is not white. Don't get me wrong, I love white background, it look so profesional, but I don't have much space and light for making good photos.

Last Saturday was so sunny I decided to go out into the city center and make a few shoots.

All along I knew that if I sell bags, I need photos wearing them. It's not enough if the description says hight is so and so in cms, width is so in so in cms, no, there need to be photos wearing them as well. I was very reluntant to be the model, but hey, someone has to do it :) So, here goes. Thanx Mojca for photographing.

I totaly forgot that there will be an Art Market, so there was a lot of people. I met Anja again. Do you know Anja Slapničar's pottery? It's absolutely beautiful! I had to have one of her cups. Here's one idea how to use pottery :)

Have a nice week!


  1. Great collection of bags! I love the stripey one for summer :)
    Have fun at the Art Market!
    Duni - via Etsy Blog Team

  2. Great idea to photograph purses out and about...where they'll be used.
    And I agree that it helps to see the bag on a model. I have a hard time seeing measurements in my head. Great photos!

  3. Kristina - I just read your comment on my blog. Your scrap idea on the white bags is fabulous!

  4. Čudovite torbice!
    Kot vedno pri tebi.


  5. So nice to have fun places to take photos, alas, I will need to find a model to show off my bags shortly as the door just isn't doing it, no matter how white the background!

  6. Great photos! It is good to see the bag on a model, gives a better idea of size. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Love real photos...really great weather over there.

  8. Meni so bile te tvoje 'ulične' fotografije že od vsega začetka všeč. Torbice spadajo na ulico in tako slikane dobijo pravo podobo. Lepe stvari si sešila.

  9. Čudovite fotografije so ti uspele. Tvojim izdelkom dajo energijo in dušo.