Sunday, 4 March 2012

Indian Summer

I had an urgency to sew. Something. Anything. Since my tags are not ready yet, all my bag projects are in hold, I decided to quilt a little. This small pachwork is made from two Indian Summer charm packs by Zoe Pearn and some Bella Solids.

While I was taking photos, this red moster came by and decided it was time to lay down a bit. It was actually her way of saying it's feeding time ;)

Until next time, have a great time!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Work in progress and a little bit of sale

It's been long time since I've blogged. The last time was in mid February and it was still very much winter - cold and snowing. Now, about 14 days later it's very warm with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Farenheit). I know it seems like winter is over, far from it, it still might snow, but I love spring! It's great because days are longer and warmer, the first flowers are blooming, the birds are singing more loudly (I know I'm going to hate it when they'll be singing at 4.30 am in the summer) and I feel there's optimism all around me. I don't think I could live far north with long and cold winters. Congrats to all of you who do.

I haven't been sewing lately because I'm totaly out of my tags. I went to local sewing shop where I bought satin ribbon for the first time to buy new one, but they didn't have any. Said I would have to wait a month untill they'll order. So I ordered it myself directly from UK - here. It was much cheaper and faster! Now, that I got my ribbon I'll have my tags soon as well, just need to get them printed. I have been asked before, so I'm telling you all now: I use Berisfords satin ribbon and my tags were printed at Mumino.
Can't wait to get new tags 'couse I have so much ideas I wanna try. I' m almost done with this wood handle bag.

I also have half done frame purses. As soon as get my tags I'll be able to finish them. Until then just a little sneak peak.

And last, but not least. I've decided to make a little spring sale. Those cell phone bags are now only 10€. Pick your colour! If you'd like more info and photos, contact me at