About me

Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Kristina and a have a full time job, a bitch called Flora. In my free time I love to take long walks, hike, read and above all sew.

As long as I can remember I loved to sew. When I was a little girl, for my dolls. When I was a teenager I usually bought some material and asked my mother to sew something for me. She had an old sewing mashine she bought hersef when she got married (btw I still use that mashine ;)). My mom eventually got tired of me asking her to sew for me, so she sent me into sewing lessions. So I started sewing. I remember one navy blue trousers mix of cotton and linen. I had a bit of leftover material and a small handbag I bought in a small shop. I thought "I can make such a handbag". So I did. That was years ago, but I still have that bag. My first bag. You can se it here
Next time I made myself a long skirt where there were plenty of matreial left, so I also made a bag to "go along". For some time I made clothes and bags from the same material. I do not make clothes no more, but still love to make bags. I have had friends asking me to sew for them, then their friends and so one. I have always had plenty of compliments about my bags.

As years went by I made a lot more than just handbags. I make little bag for credit cards or coins, I make bags for mobile phones, I make toilet bags, plenty of shopping bags and a lots more. I also made slippers for my friend and a collar with matching leash for my bitch and a dog bed but that's another story.....

All of my bags are unique, one of a kind. I want my bags to be long lasting and durable, that's why I mainly use upholstery fabric from KA International and cotton or silk for interial of the bags. 

I love reading your comments, so don't be shy and write me a comment.