Monday, 30 April 2012

Babushka Boutique

In the center of Ljubljana is an adorable little place called Babushka Boutique. It has everything a girl can wish for. Lovely dresses, bags, unique jewlery, paper gods and all this in absolutely wonderful interior.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so take a peak:

I fell in love with this ring. To bad I don't wear rings. Absolutely wonderful colour!

I am happy to announce that from 7th of May some of my shoulder bags, frame purses, shopping bags, keychains an coin purses will be availabe in Babushka Boutique. They shall be in a very good company :)

Visit Babushka Boutique on Gosposvetska street 8 in Ljubljana.

As for me, I'm planing a short vacation on Island of Rab. Today I made this shoulder bag I'll take with me on the trip.

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

My first sale on Etsy!

About a week ago I was complaining about how difficult it is to stand out among so many shops on Etsy. Well, I am very happy to say, that today I sold my first item. This cute coin purse went to USA for buyers sister.

Safe journey and I hope the sister will like her new coin purse. Enough of celebratin, I have a lot to do. And some great new to share with you... but not right now. You'll have to wait a couple of days. Untill then, have a great time!

Monday, 23 April 2012

I'm still here

Hi all. It's been a very long time since I last blogged. March 4th. How did time fly by so fast? Well, I hope you are all doing well and didn't totaly forget about me. I'm still here, just didn't find energy for blogging or simply didn't find anything worth writing about. I was busy working on marketing. Etsy, facebook and lately twitter and pinterest.

My Etsy shop has been up and running quite some time now, but unfortunately so far no sales. That is so frustrating. It's realy hard to stand out from this huge crowd of shops. I begin to question myself is it worth it? Do I even belog there?

I'm not a fan of facebook and I don't have a personal account, but I made a bussines page for my bags. That was a compromise I had to take. I can see now it was a good decision. It doesn't take a lot of effort to post and I have a feeling I reach more people that way, at least comparing to blog. If you haven't yet liked my page, you are very welcome to do so.

My latest addition to social media is twitter and pinterest. I'm not sure what to do with twitter yet, but pinterest seems interesting. I mean, how often do you see something interesting and want to remember where you've seen it? To me it happens all the time. I used to save images or print them and then forgot where I've saved them. Now I can just pin everything I like. All the cute things, ideas for home, recipes etc. Too bad I haven't used pinterest before.

And sewing? Well, I finally got my new tags - now in three dimensions. At the back of the photo you can also see my washi tape collection. I love washi tape.

I continue to use genuine leather, but for now just for handles. I would need better, stronger sewing machine for anything else.

I totaly fell in love with frame purses. Here's just some of them. They're so popular, I'll be making more of them.

I wanted to use wooden handles and here's what I made.

The black one is still in progress. I just have to sew around the handles, but then the sewing machine went on strike. Again. Nice. Just what I need. It seems I won't be sewing for some time now. I NEED NEW SEWING MACHINE! I almost made my mind about the model, but it's a bit pricey - the last time I checked it was 640€. I don't have that kind of money at the moment.

Have a nice week!