Saturday, 30 October 2010

Super Style Bag Swap, bag received

I assume everyone knows all about Super Stlye Bag Swap. If not, take a look at my previous blog posts - here and here. Briefly: Petra and I were bag swap partners. I made a bag for Petra and she made a bag for me. Petra already received my bag and yesterday I received a bag from Petra. Thank you Petra, I like it ;) I like it a lot!! All these wonderful details. No wonder it took you so long to finish it. I'll make a photo of the bag soon, here is just a bit of preview. Great little deail.

p.s.: The zipper is sewed just perfectly :) The bag is just perfect. Thanks again.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

A very special bag for a very special girl

Luna is a teenage girl whom I send red giveaway bag, but unfortunaly the bag was somehow lost in space. Grrrr, was I disappointed and angry!

I promised Luna to make her a new bag. She prefered cold colours, so I made this stripped bag dominated by green and blue. The material in from Ka international and was bought in Studio Domicil. Needless to say, this was also a give away bag, I like making people happy ;) I hope Luna will like her new bag.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Super Style Bag Swap, par two

Do you rememeber Super Style Swap? I made a bag for Petra from Germany. She wanted a soulder bag. She likes flowers, stripes, dots, skulls, ladybus and her favourite colours are black, purple, gray, pink. I like the same colours and patterns so I could make plenty of bags, but eventually I decided to use material from KA International  It's called  SOHO NEGRO. 

For a bit of extra touch I decided to use red zipper insted of black.

It was fun and I would do it again anytime. So I hope there will be more projects like that.

You can see the rest of the bags made by others on Flickr.

Monday, 18 October 2010

dog's leash and a collar

Did I mention I make lots of things? Well I do. I like making handbags the most, but I also made a collar and a leash for my Irish Setter Flora.

First there was a bag for me (no suprise, right? ;))

Then I had some left over material and I thought of making collar and a leash. I thought "How hard can it be?" and tried making one.

It looks pretty good for the first time, don't you think?

Flora with her new collar and a leash. She is looking away, maybe she doesn't like it? Actually she is just impatient and would rather run, chase a ball than pose for a photo.

If you have a dog, a sewing mashine, a proper material and a bit of time, try making one. It is so easy!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday night

It's friday night. Are you going out? Well a girl needs to look pretty and she needs a little bag for all her necessaries.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Past projects

A made this baby bag for a dear friend of mine when she gave birth to her baby girl Iris. It is just big enough for carrying all the necessities a mum needs for her baby. It has plenty of pockets for all the little things.

This handbag was a birthday present for a friend of mine who likes etnographic patterns. As you can see, the cat likes it as well.

Another birdhday gift for a good friend of mine.

Mobile phone bag was a present for my brother, he liked it so much, he wanted another one.

My mum is using this bags as a small shopping bag or carrying or sort of papers.

In our family we have plenty of shopping bags.

I also made a few slippers. Although it is not that difficult to make them, it is very slow, precise and time consuming project. I don't think I'll be making any slippers for some time.

This is just some of my projects. I made a lot during past years, but unfortunately I didn't photograph.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Super Style Bag Swap

On sewmamasew I noticed this blog Join Our Super Style Bag Swap

and I decied to sign up. The idea is that everyone makes a bag of their own creation. The bag can be either shoulder bag, hand bag or clutch. Than you swap your bag with someone else and you get someone elses bag. How fun is that?! My partners name in Petra from Germany. I can't wait to start chosing the right material, form and eventualy sewing a bag for Petra. I am also curious what kind of bag I am getting! I'm so excited!

Dear Petra, if you are reading this, I hope I can make you a bag of your dreams.