Saturday, 21 January 2012

Practise makes perfect and I need your opinion once again

I was telling you about my first frame purse and what a nightmare it was putting purse into a frame. Well, I wasn't going to give up that easily. And actually it's true what they say: practice does makes perfect! I changed order when putting purse into frame and every next purse was easier to make.

On those frame purses I added my tags. The thing I'm not sure yet is where to put a tag. On front, like this yellow frame purse?

Or on the side of the purse, like those two?

Front or side?

Which one is your favourite? Mine is the yellow one, because it's got history. The fabric I used for the purse, was once my mums dress she made for herself ages ago. She got tired of the dress and I reused the fabric for this nice frame purse. I might make more.... But first I'll be a pattern tester! I'm so excited! So stay tuned, more to come....

And thanx for giving an opinion last time and again this time! You're the greatest!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Work in progress and I need your opinion, please

Hi. There's this shoulder bag I'm working on. It's realy nice upholstery fabric from KA International.

I was thinking about leather strap. But I can't decide should I use black or red leather. What do you think?

Black stripe is shorter, but thicker.

or red?
Red stripe is a bit wider, longer, but not the same shade of red as on the flower.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

My first frame purse

I found some time and finally made my first frame purse. It's the Fortune Cookie Clutch Purse from U-Handbag Here it is!

If you think it look great, maybe you should take another, CLOSER look or get your vision checked (just joking ;)).

The sewing was easy. Putting the bag into the frame was a nightmare. I started on the edges and continued towards the middle. But when I was on the middle, on the sides purse went out of the frame. So, once again I pushed the purse on the edges and the purse went out of the frame in the middle. And so on and on and on. That's why the fabric on the edges is a bit damaged. That did'n dicourage me though. I'll be making more of frame purses. Just wait and see! But not with cotton fabric anymore. I'll be using upholstery fabric which I prefer.

Any tips of advice on putting the purse into the frame and not killing someone alog the way? Katy, yours look so much better! 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Update on Flora

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Flora is doing very well. Actually she thinks, she is just fine and wants to run, jump, play and all that. Unfortunately, she is not allowed. All she does is sleep and eat. We started clicking a bit otherwise she would go insane. Just some static tricks, like give me five and similar. It's like if she was a puppy all over again: a lot of short walks, four meals a day and a lot of sleep.

She is wearing two Tshirts so she can't get near her stitches. She is such a darling, doesn't complain when I have to dress her nor when she has to take her medicine.

The god thing is, stitches are comming out on Wednesday. This is how she looks without the Tshirt. The hair has started to grow although you can't see it on the photo.

Have a nice evening and stay tuned, I promise next post will be sewing related!

Monday, 2 January 2012

The longest night

Hi everyone! Did you have a great time with family and friends on the new years eve?

For me it was one of the longest nights ever - quite literally. My Irish Setter Flora had an urgent operation. She was restless and without success tried to vomint on the evening of the 31th of  December. I know all about bloat, so when she had the symptoms (read more about bloat and the symptoms here), I rushed her to the animal hospital and a few hours later she went through very much needed operation. It was a long night siting on the steps in front of the surgery waiting and praying all goes well. And it did. She spent the following day and two nights in their care, but she is home now. She was relieved into my care this morning with a lot of medications (antibiotics, pain killers etc.). She had something to eat, because she wouldn't eat at all in the hospital and is now sleeping. Thanx God I live close to the animal hospital (10 minutes drive), thanx God the veterinarian on duty was a surgeon and thanx God all the rest of the team rushed into the hospital quickly. Certainly not a night I would ever like to repeat.

I wish you all a very happy, creative and above all healthy year 2012!