Sunday, 8 January 2012

Update on Flora

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Flora is doing very well. Actually she thinks, she is just fine and wants to run, jump, play and all that. Unfortunately, she is not allowed. All she does is sleep and eat. We started clicking a bit otherwise she would go insane. Just some static tricks, like give me five and similar. It's like if she was a puppy all over again: a lot of short walks, four meals a day and a lot of sleep.

She is wearing two Tshirts so she can't get near her stitches. She is such a darling, doesn't complain when I have to dress her nor when she has to take her medicine.

The god thing is, stitches are comming out on Wednesday. This is how she looks without the Tshirt. The hair has started to grow although you can't see it on the photo.

Have a nice evening and stay tuned, I promise next post will be sewing related!


  1. Aww, poor wee lamb looks quite forlorn, especially showing that shaved patch in her beautiful coat! Hope she's 100% again soon!

  2. O ti revček. Ampak se mi zdi, da ve, da je tole treba potrpet, potem bo pa spet norela okoli :) Si jo kar predstavljam, lepotičko. Je pa res, da je to moja najljubša pasma.. ♥ ♥
    Lepo se crkljajte.

  3. Super, da ji gre na bolje in prava lepotička je, res.

  4. Smo mislili na njo in ji gre na bolje.:))
    Uspešno okrevanje še naprej.

  5. Great to hear she is ok and doing well.

  6. Pri nas smo imeli tudi Irsko Setrko, Naomi. To so krasni psi. Umrla je ravno na moj rojstni dan in jo pogrešam še danes, po 10 letih.
    Super, da bo z tvojo vse v redu. Zelo lepa je.