Here are some of my references:
"I'm the proud owner of Kristina's bag for mobile phone and slippers. What I loke the most her design is her feeling about current trends but still doing it her way. She has a unique style with lot's of colours, stripes which makes every item truly unique with its own story to tell. The items are functional too and are made very well. Whem Kristina was making me this items she truly listened what I had to say and she incorporated my wishes into her esthetic's view which for me, as a buyer, is very important." Andrej Golinar

"When I saw Kristina's collection of bags I was impressed. Why? First of all I had no idea Kristina is making bags herself. All the bags are very beautiful, practical and most of all unique. After hard decidion which bag I like the most I can now say that I am a proud owner of Blackbird bag. And the best thing is NO OTHER WOMAN HAS THE SAME BAG AS ME :)" Tina Kaparič