Thursday, 24 March 2011

Shopping bag, grocery bag

I'm totally not into plastic bags and I think they should be banned due to obviously reasons - polluting. I carry a cotton bag in my handbag at all times. What's your opinion on plastic bags?

I few weeks ago I bought some really nice fabric and my mom's comment was, that it's a kitchen fabric. Therefore I made some shopping bags that can be also used as a grocery or lunch bag. Now any of family members can have it's own shopping bag. Maybe I'll use all of them depending on my mood. Today I was in a mood for flowers. Here they are:

First the green apples grocery bag SOLD

than the fruit grocery bag

and the flowers grocery bag

When folded together, they're no bigger than a wallet. Useful, right?

Monday, 21 March 2011

Goodbye winter, hello spring

I've had quite enough of winter thank you very much! Today is the first day of Spring! Wishing you all many sunny days ahead. Have a great week.

This pansies and crocus are from my balcony. To bad that's all I have, 'cuz I'd love to have a garden of my own.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Three in a row or Crazy about stripes and big buttons?

Do you remember me asking for an opinion on which button to sew on a bag? You decided it should be a green one, so it was, but what to do with the yellow one? I made thiese little bags. They look alike, but each is uniqe. They're approximately 10cm X 8 cm, just the right size for ID card, credit card, student card, library card or any other card you can think of. For just 6 € a piece.

The one with green button is SOLD

The inside of the bag and yes the button has no useful value, it's there just because it looks good ;)

Wait! There's more! This is a bit bigger bag and it therefore has a bigger button. It's about 18 cm X 12 cm. The inside is the same as with the smallest ones. It can be yours for 16 €.

And last, but not least - my favourite - with a zipper. This one is 16 cm X 14,5 cm. The price? 16 €.

All of them together so you can see the difference in size.
Far right (with green button) SOLD

Any questions and comments are very welcome! Have a great evening.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

quilt tutorials

I was thinking of making a beginning quilt tutorial, but I have no one to film me and I make horrible photos, so I'm posting one of great tutorials that are already on youtube. The best tutorials are from MissouriQuiltCo. Check it out.

For an absolute begginer I would suggest making straps. The tutorial in called How to "quilt as you go" Try it out, it's realy easy.