Monday, 29 August 2011

Short Vacation

Tomorrow I'm going on a much needed vacation to the sea. I'll be reading, relaxing, swiming, listening to the waves and not thinking about anything. Good plan, heh?

photo credit here

When I get back I'll show you my Autumn collection and I'm planning another giveaway. A lot of good reasons to check my blog again. See you soon.

Have fun!  

Saturday, 27 August 2011

A lovely day in Piran

It was a long day. Getting up at 4.30 am is not something I usually do on Saturday morning or any day, but today was no ordinary day. It was a market day. My first this year. This is how Piran looked like at 7 am. Pretty quet.

An hour later a big group of people exercised on the Tartini square, right behind my stall. 

It was very sunny and windy, so good thing I brought an umbrella. It had other ways of usage. I must admit I borrowed that idea from my neighbors stall.

I don't have bussines cards yet, so I made this in very last minute.

It was busy day with a lot of tourists (although I didn't sell much), even as far as from Canada, Russia and my favourite - Spain. I had a chance to speak a bit in Spanish. Thank you all for stoping by and a big thank you to Tadeja from next stall for keeping an eye when I was away. By the way she makes this lovely dolls filled with lavander. Aren't they cute?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fair in Piran

For the second time. Last month I didn't go due to bad weather, but this Saturday I'll be there. It will me my first market this year. Can't wait. I hope all goes well. I know it's going to be hot (35 deegres Celsius) and no shadow (must bring big umbrella), but the sea is near and I just love the smell of the sea.

This is where it's going to be held. In roud square surronded by old buildings and of course the sea.
photo credit here

Corrie from Retromummy is going to a market this Saturdas as well, but on the other side of the planet - Australia. She wrote her tips for those of us starting fresh
My top market stall tips

Thank you Corrie, this is just what I needed.