Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ikea shopping

I'm not blogging as I would like to. There is so many things going on, I just don't have time. This time I would like to show you a few things I bought at Ikea.

I needed free standing lamp for reading in bed. This is what I bought

I would like to have wall of frames. I already have some great prints I bought at Etsy and they are finally framed. Still not on the wall though.

A few plastic bins, so practical. I wish I bought more!

And finally this step stool. At the moment it is in one corner of the living room, but I know it will come handy someday ;)

Have a great time!


  1. Oh I love Ikea! And I have those steps too. Just 'cos...

  2. Fajne stvair si nabavila. Ikea je tudi meni tako zelo všeč zaradi praktičnih stvari.

  3. Se strinjam z Vladuško. Še posebej pa so mi všeč slike v okvirjih.