Wednesday, 30 May 2012

MOO minicards

Have you ever heard of them? Me neither. Until recently when Meggie from Beach Plum Cottage wrote about them on Etsy Success team. I was like MOO what? And then everybody showed theirs I knew I had to have them too!

You can upload your own photos or use one of their designs. I uploaded photos from my Etsy shop, but they were too big, so I had to make a few new photos. Lesson learned! Estimated time of delivery was June 15th. Well they came a lot faster than I expected. Apparently someone at MOO's  knows I need them for Art fair tomorrow :)

Because they have an Etsy logo on one side, they came really cheap - only 3,60 €.

I'm very happy with my MOO minicards and with moo service. I think I'll be ordering again soon. They also have business cards, postcards, stickers and labels (I need those!) and greeting cards. Thank you Moo from one very happy customer!

So, what do you say - are they cute or what?


  1. Very nice! I learned I need to totally re-angle my photos for them too - what's fine for the blog doesn't work on card...

  2. Wonderful! I am so glad that you got the free ones - I was afraid that I had given you the wrong link the first time.... your Moos look great! :)

  3. Cool in zelo ugodno res. Lepo so izpadle. Jaz si jih zanekrat delam kar sama, ampak je tole odlična informacija.

  4. Fajn ideja. Reklamice, reklamice... :)))