Thursday, 9 June 2011

In progress...

Thank you for all your help on my first quilt (previous post). For now I'll leave quilting and go back to what I'm good at. Making bags. This one is custim made for a dear friend of mine and is still in process. Just a quick peek.

It was fun yesterday. A little bit of girl talk, little bit of sewing and a lot of cuddling my Irish Setter Flora which she didn't mind at all. Anyone else interested in custom made bag? You'll have to come to me and cuddle Flora while I sew. 


  1. He he, za tvojo torbrico bi z veseljem božala Floro :) Tale zgleda zelo zelo obetavna in verjamem, da je boš znova posadila na kakšno zabavno mesto, ko jo boš slikala.

  2. The proud future owner of this very bag is so looking forward to this bag - like the child just before the xmas...
    and yes, it was great that evening - first choosing the fabric (and Kristina has such a huge variety of them) and then talking about just everything, from Barcelona to librarianship...
    and Flora is a great host - looking like a cutest toy to cuddle... :)

  3. Lušten vzorček in umirjene barve. Prijateljica je zagotovo vesela.