Sunday, 19 June 2011

Before and after

You know those magazines or internet pages where they show the room before and after renovation/decoration? I love decorating, so I love those before and after things. You can do it in an old handbag as well.

This is my before.....

 and after handbag.

Detail look on little felted balls.

Before the bag closed with velcro, now with magnetic snap. Before there was no interial fabric, now there's an iterial fabric with pocket and a key holder.

Do you have any old bags you're not using any more? Do a bit of change and voila you have a brand new bag. 


  1. Lepo si jo popestrila! Si sama naredila bunkice?

  2. Krasno. Ni potrebno veliko, pa je sprememba očitna. Super si jo dodelala.

  3. Ej, super zgleda! Moram pokazat še Alešu...

  4. Hvala vsem!
    xajA, kroglice iz filca sem kupila. Zahvala gre Saši oziroma Alešu.

  5. Odlična preobrazba. Definitivno bolj zanimiva torbica. In, ej...luštne fotke...nazorne in prave :)). Super.