Sunday, 16 June 2013

Two Art & Craft Shows

Yesterday was a day for Art & Craft Shows. I went to see two, because they were held in Ljubljana, my home town. It only took me 15 minutes bike ride to get to city centre. I went to the library, bought some fabric and zippers and had a lovely time at both Art & Craft Shows. It is great meeting other artisants and share experiences. I did a bit of crafting in the afternoon, but I'll tell you about that some other time.  

Fair Art in was held in Park Slovenske reformacije under the shadow of big, old trees. Not a lot of visitors, because it was held in this park for the first time and people are not used to it yet.

Art Market has a very long tradition, in fact it has been held in Ljubljana's city centre since 2000. It is held every Saturday from May till October. It has great location, just a few hundred merets from the city centre. Lots of turists, nice atmosphere. 

I hope you enjoyed those photos and until next time, have a great Sunday!


  1. The pictures which you have shared from Art & Craft Show are looking quite nice. I also like to attend the art shows as we get the chance to see so much creativity by attending these shows.