Thursday, 27 June 2013

Blackbird bags at ARTish & Special giveaway

Hello friends! How are you? It was a while since I blogged, but I was away. Went sailing. It was great and I will blog all about it some other day. 

If you don't have plans for this Saturday, you can come to ARTish from 9am till 7pm. I will be there and I'll have a super special giveaway for you. Wanna know more? Keep reading! 

In this bag I have 3 things to give away for one of you! Wanna know what's in it? 1 key chain, 1 metal frame coin purse and two sided bag. All in polka dots cotton fabric. My favourite.

Rules are very simple:
1. Take a photo with one of my bags, email it to me at
2. For those of you who don't have any of my items, come to ARTish, take a photo there
3. I will post all photos in this album where you can like & share it (1 like will give you 1 point, 1 share will give you 2 points)
4. The winner is whoever gets the most points
5. Giveaway starts as soon as I upload all photos (hopefully on Sunday) and lasts until July the 5th
6. I will announce the winner on blog, FB as well as e-mail you

Any questions? Post them below in the comments or email me at Good luck!