Monday, 10 June 2013

My first ArtMar

Hello and Happy Monday! The weekend sure did pass very quickly, didn't it? I hope you had a great one!

I was in Maribor on Saturday at ArtMar on my first Art & Craft Show this year. It was a hot and long day and when I got home at 9.30 pm I was dead tired. But I had a helper with me, so I had a chance to chat with oter artisants and made a few photos. Here's craft fair through my camera lenses (except for last 4 photos, those were made by Danijela Lončar). Thank you all who came by my stall and commended on my work!

That's me and my little, entertaining helper. He made my (and I bet everyone else's) day full of laughter!

On Sunday I was relaxing and by relaxing I sewing :-) I made this pencil case just for me.


  1. Vidim, da ste prezivele krasen dan v MB. Upam, da se naslednjic vidimo po dolgem casu in da mi uspe prit na ogled. Krasne torbice in tale peresnica, ki si jo zasila zase je tudi super.

  2. Looks great! So beautiful market and your bags look really cute...