Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Impressions from Valencia

As you might know I made a short trip to Valencia. So much has happened since then, it feels like long time ago. Here are just a few photos from that trip.

I was there during F1 competition, but I didn't feel anything going on, although I could hear the roar of the engines while I was in the park. When there were football matches, well that was totally different story. The streets were absolutely empty, but one could hear cheering from every bar in the city center or apartment building.

You might be asking who's that guy. He was offering free walking tour, so I joined. Everything would be perfect for one small detail. He was Scottish. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against Scottish, but his accent!! Half of the time I had no idea what was he talking about.

I didn't come empty handed, oh, no. I bought a pile of fabric from KA International. I would buy more, but there's only one store in Valencia. I was trembling my backpack would be too heavy.

Psst, there's another thing. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I'm offering 10% off on everything in my Etsy shop ;))

Until next time, have a great time!


  1. Oooh, what amazing architecture! Don't know what you mean about the guide though, Scots are always totally comprehensible... ;o)

  2. Zelo lepo in tole s Škotom je bilo videti tudi zabavno :)).

  3. Fajne fotke in zanimiva dogodivščina tale s Škotom :))) In blago je lepo, že vidim, da bodo nastale mnoge lepe stvari. Vse najboljše.

  4. Super izgleda vse skupaj. Čudovite fotke in ni kaj prijazen Škot☺ zalogica pa tudi bo za nekaj novih zašitih lepotk. In vse najboljše!