Monday, 30 July 2012

A few impressions from ARTish

Once again at ARTish you could see a lot of lovely stuff from Slovenian artists. Take a tour with me and see what we had to offer:


handmade notebooks

brooches and necklaces

ceramics and other things

Amazing things, don't you think? I had to buy something for myself as well. This lovely turquoise brooch. Beautiful, isn't it?

My stall was right in front of dog friendly hotel :)

I was totally exhausted when I got home at 9PM, but nevertheless it was absolutly fantastic day!

Until next time, have a great week! 


  1. Great selection of items on offer at the fair, and love the brooch you got! Hope your sales were good :o)

  2. Čudovite fotke. Hvala, da si vključila tudi moje izdelke.
    Lepo te je bilo spoznati :)

  3. Lep pisan izbor izdelkov! Moja nova mini modra torbica se že koristno uporablja :)

  4. Your stall looks fantastic! Looks like a great event.. wish I was a little closer. :)