Sunday, 24 July 2011

A little bit of everything

I woke up into rainy Saturday morning, so I decided to stay at home. Thanx againg for sending all your good thoughts. I did a bit of cleaning, washing, ironing, reading  and most of all sewing!

I finally finished this custom ordered thing I was telling you about. It's purpose is going to be for storing cosmetic. Something like that:

Then I played with small bits of fabric and this turned out - first atempt wasn't to good

second atempt was better, because I learnd on my mistakes. That's how I always learn. 

And then I have to show you some before and after.

Such a small diference - just a few felted balls, but such a great outcome.

So, what were you doing this weekend? 


  1. Cool, great idea on the first project.

    As for me, I reviewed the Sew What Skirts book for you ;o)

  2. Torej ni tabure :)))), ampak mi je všeč, ker nisem za tiste klasične predale v kopalnici in so mi takšne variacije za shranjevanje všeč. Pa ta mošnjička sta tako lušna, super za shranjevanje nakita in če greš kam na potovanje, da odneseš s seboj. Torbici pa te bunkice definitivno zelo pristojijo.

  3. O, kako veliko se spet ustvarila. Včasih se kar prileže akrivna sobota med domačimi stenami, a ne?
    Te tekstilne "posode" kot jim rečem so prav superske.