Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Great news

Yesterday was my birthday and on the same day I found out two great news:
1. Some time ago sewmamasew posted Free fabric friday and anyone could win one yard of fabric. I posted a comment and totaly forgot about it. So tipically me. I was away for the weekend and on Monday I somehow noticed their winners annoucemet on their sewmamasew blog. Boy, was I suprised when I saw my name among other winners of one yard free fabric! On my birthday! How fantastic is that? Although I'm still waiting for that "We’ll be in touch later today with details!"  

2. My Irish Setter Flora is negative on tick borne diseases. Some time ago she limped on one of her paws for a few days. Few weeks later she limped on another paw and a few weeks later on another. Limping is very tipicall for lyme disease so I got her tested. Yesterday the resoults came and she is negative! Fantastic!

Couldn't be better. Better than all birthday presents!

p.s.: Thank you all for your birthday wishes! You can still comment on my previous post and maybe you'll win a market bag.


  1. Ker si imela rojstni dan in imam tudi sama trenutno en giveaway si lahko z malo sreče sama podariš eno darilo. Jaz sem se na tvoj že postavila v kolono :)

  2. Late happy birthday!
    I have lost your blog for a while...so sorry...now that I have found, it is great I can follow.
    And great two news!