Thursday, 21 July 2011

Fair in Piran

I'm acting like a farm girl, looking at the weather reports every half an hour. Will it rain on Saturday or not? I have good reason to be concerned. I'm not going to put away hay or anything like that, although when I was a child I did help every year at my grandma's farm, but that's another story.
There's an Fair this Saturday in small costal town called Piran and I'd very much like to go. The Fair is held at Tartini square (named after Giuseppe Tartini, born in Piran in 1692).

photo credit here

Although I love this city and would like to visit it, I'd love to meed new people, chat a bit, maybe sell a few things, I wouldn't like to get wet as well as getting my bags all wet. The weather report doesn't look at all promising - cold and rainy, maybe even storms.

So come on people, send some good vibrations to this part of the world, I need some sun or at least not the rain! In a meanwhile I'll show something I made in one afternoon. I could be a lunch bag, but

instead I use it as a shoes bag. 

I'm not really into high heels I can't wear them all day long, so at my work I usually change into something more comfortable. 


  1. Good luck with the fair. I think they are perfect to meet, chat and if there is luck sell.
    And the city is so beautiful!!!

  2. Swoon looks like a great town!! It's seaside! (and portrayed sunny... but if it rained and stormed.. ) Good luck though!

  3. Vsekakor ti zelo želim lepega vremena in dobre prodaje. Mislim nate. Tale vrečka za čevlje pa ni slaba ideja.

  4. Evo i ja upirem oči u nebo i prizivam SUNCE!
    Držim fige! :)

  5. I really liked the city of Piran
    photographs of course
    I hope you can go there one day, really
    Waiting for photos after your visit to

  6. Hi Kristina,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Love your beautiful bags.

    :) Sophia

  7. Hej, upam, je bilo uspešno..vsaj malo.
    Uživaj preostanek poletja.♥