Saturday, 4 December 2010

Cell phone bags

I the past I made a few bags for carring cell phone. I didn't have any sewing pattern or instrucions I just set down and tried making it. And I complicated a lot. The bag eventualy turned out great, but it was a lot of work. That's why I only made three and those were sold almost immediately. Then one day I saw this easy tutorial for cell phone, iPod or camera bag and it made my life so much easier. Thanx to sewmamasew and a pretty cool life for the tutorial. Try it out, it's really easy and those bags are such a lovely present.

Previous weekend due to bad weather and my bitch being in season (so we couldn't go out and enjoy the snow), I finaly tried this tutorial and made some more. Here are just two of them, the rest three were already sold.

I'll be making more soon, probably this weekend.


  1. Kristinas collection of bags, cellphone bags are so unique but useful.Bright colors and stripes make every item even more attractive and cosy. I wish the exhibition in Hostel celica is agreat success!