Thursday, 9 December 2010

It's a dogs life

Yes, our bitch has a dogs life. She has a bed or a blanket or something to sleep on in almost every room, except for the bathroom and kitchen. Her favourite bed is that of Danish Design called Morocco. I bought it years ago (it's been a while since I looked at their home page, I see they have a lot new stuff and an Irish in a Sherpa Fleece Bed is a no go! Someone should tell them an Irish looks the best in sandy colours ;)). The Morocco Snuggle bed is Flora's favourite bed, so it's a bit worn out and I have decided to make a new one. In fact I already made one bed for her, but it's flat and she doesn't like it that much. She likes her bed to be lifted a bit on all the four sides so she can snuggle in. Again I had no sewing pattern I just knew that I want to make one just like the Danish Design. I took an old bed quilt, dressed it in an washable white cotton and quilted it all over so the inside material would stay in it's place when washed. I also wanted the bed to be washable, so I sew a zipper on one side of the exterial fabric. The bed turned out quite big and I didn't have enough material (it was a left over piece), so I combined it with a bit of pink. I'm not at all a pink person, I don't like it, but combined with this sandy, red and olive green it looks just fantastic, wouldn't you agree?

I call this one the winter collection, althought it should be called the spring collection since it has spring colours and pattern. It is much bigger than I've planed, so there's enough place for two dogs. Maybe it would be time for me to get another puppy. Flora would hate me for it withouth a doubt.

I wanted to show you the whole bed, without my bitch, but she just wuldn't go off it. The top part can used indenpendently.

The zipper

The summer collection (the first bed) I made some time ago.

If you've missed other collection I've made for dogs, check it out here.


  1. He, he, tvoja Flora pa lahko reče, da ima vse unikat. Super izdelke imaš. Fino je, da je na zadrgo, da se lažje pere.

  2. Jezus Saša, komentar ob 4:06! Pa kdaj ti vstajaš? A sploh spiš? Ne, ne že vem, hočeš biti prva, ki bo napisala komentar, kajne hehehe?

  3. Lepo, da privoščiš svoji psici takšne materiale in vzorce. Tako se lahko svojim prijateljem važi z unikatno znamko BlackBird.. :)
    Pozdravček in lep vikend.

  4. Res je frajerka ta tvoja psica. Tako odejico bi še jaz imela :)

  5. Ja, na taki fajn blazinci je še bolj luštno se crkljat!

  6. Zelo šik! Moja Biba ima tudi kar nekaj postelj, pravzaprav ima počivalnik (fotelj v dnevni), posteljo (moja), blazino zraven postelje (za spanje od ugašanja luči do cca 2h zjutraj) ter kavč (sapnja od 2h do 7,30), ter letno počivalnico (tamrzli kot v jedilnici). Razvajena cucka u Nulo. Kaj čmo t'kle mamo:)

  7. Hej, matilda, kod si hodila? Tvoji čeveljci so zelo šik. Nasploh mi je všeč, da imaš v profilu fotko čevljev. Zelo izvirno in noro dobro! Komaj čakam, da vidim, kaj boš še obula.

    Tudi Flora ima v dnevni svoj fotelj, ki ga uporablja samo ona, na sedežno in posteljo pa ne sme. Mislim, da tri pasje postelje, fotelj in odejica - se pravi skupaj 5 ležišč zadošča.

  8. She looks so comfortable! How about one of these for the kitchen: Scruffs Luxury Dog Beds