Thursday, 11 November 2010

Remember this stack of fabric?

And now here are these. First the red ones.
This was a very small bit of material (24 cm x 28 cm), so this is a very small handbag, so small I had to use another material for inside of the handel (you can se it on the first photo, if you look very closely). For a lady's night out when all you need is wallet, mobile phone and keys. It's 22cm wide and 21cm high, the handel is 40cm long it also has a zipper on top. And the price? Very favourable, only 24€.

Another small hand bag, also in red. This one is 24cm wide, 25cm high and handel is 46cm long, zipper on top. Price 26€.

Both of them together.

Then the orange ones.
Some like it orange. I love orange, especially with chocholate brown or with the colour of sand. It's a warm colour for those cold winter days.
First a small bag for credit cards or a small change, 14cm x 10cm, zipper, price 6€,

than a bit larger bag. 20cm x 21cm, velcro, price 18€.

And a larger handbag with two pockets in front. 35cm wide, 28cm high, pockets 18cm  x 22,5cm, handel 68cm, zipper, price 30€.

There is still some material left and I have a lot of ideas what to do with it, but I'm working on another project, so this will have to wait a bit. Just a sneak peak at my new project:

The design
The material

Wanna know more? Come back soon. Anytime.