Thursday, 27 September 2012

See you at ARTish?

This Saturday, September 29th ARTish will be held for the last time.

Just joking! This Saturday is the last time it will be held ouside in the center of Ljubljana. From October until April it will be held indoors in Kina Šiška. It's the last time this year I will be exhibiting and selling my bags. I have been a part of ARTish from June and I need a break. This Saturday will be the last time you can see and buy my bags directly from me. But no worries my Etsy shop will be open 24/7 and you can contact me whenever you like via email

I have a few new things to show you. First are short key chains. At first I only made long ones. Long enough to be worn around the neck, but then I was asked if I could make short ones too, so I did. Here they are:

A friend of mine had great idea and it turned out everyone wants one too. What is it? Key chain and a little bag for service card one uses at work. I don't use service card at my day job, but it's practical for Urbana as well.

Christmas will be here before you know it and I made drawstring bags that are wery practical for small gifts. They are very easy to make and if my photographic skills were any good I would make a tutorial for you.
A few members at Etsy Success team mentioned I should also sell pencil cases and a few days lates one of my friends also told me he wants a pencil case. So I made them :)) Those can be used as a cosmetic pouch too.

I have a lot of coin purses. Both zipper coin purses 

and very popular metal frame coin purses.
and metal frame clutches, cosmetic pouches, handbags, shoulder bags, cotton shoping bags. A lot more than I can show you in this post. If that didn't give you enough motivation to come and say hi at ARTish, well what if I tell you I will be having a few things as a giveaway? I'm not telling what, come and see ;-)

See you at ARTish?


  1. Jaaa, se vidiva :) Se že veselim. Čeprav žal nisem tako zelo pridna kot ti. So me vse druge obveznosti povozile.
    Luštni novi izdelki, mi je všeč, da se stalno lotevaš česa novega. Še dobro, da boš vsaj objavljala še :)

  2. Kot vedno ljubko pri tebi. Oh.. kako mi je to špansko blago všeč...

  3. so cute :))