Friday, 10 September 2010

Onina manifestacija v pravo smer

In Slovenia there are about 40.000 children who are in risk of poverty. That is a lot if you think there is only 2 million inhabitants in Slovenia. Therefore Slovenian daily newpaper Delo launced a charity action called Create for children.

In May 2010 I saw an application for making a shopping bag kind towards enviroment. It was a charity thing, because all bag would be sold and money given to children and their familes who lost their jobs in Koroška region.

"I can make a shopping bag". So I thought long and hard and evenually made a bag and sent it.

In June the 22nd I found that among 194 bags the jury introduced 20 finalist and my was among them! Boy, was I happy. It is made out of cotton and it can be used on both sides. On one side there are trees and on the other there are stripes. I choose trees because Slovenia has a lot of trees, trees are very important for the Word and we should tresaure them. I choose stripes because I like them and they are fashionable this year.

The first photo is borrowed from HERE the other two are mine.

On 8th on September the winners were annouced and no, I did not win, but I am happy anyway. My bag was sold almost instantly. I hope it will serve the new owner well.

Since it was a charity thing I bought my self a bag as well. Here it is:

To bad I do not know the creator of this bag.

More info:
You can look at this LINK to se the final 20 bags and HERE to see the rest of the bags. And on this LINK you can find photos of event (on the 6th photo a mistery girl is buying my bag :)) and a video where my bag can be seen (between 3:34 and 3:40) in a hand of a model.

Thank you all who voted for me and my friends for all your support. It means a lot to me.


  1. Oooohhhh, človek najde kjut ovratnico za peso in posledično ugotovi, da je ena od meni najdražjih torb (bile so tri) v finalu One tvoja! Čestitam. Torba je krasna tako v kroju kot vzorcih in čisto po mojem okusi...oz. če bi jo videla v trgovini bi jo zagotovo kupila!

  2. Oooooo, hvala :-) Bila je zanimiva izkušnja, a življenje teče dalje, ampak še vedno pa se sprašujem, kdo je mistery girl, ki je torbo kupila.