Friday, 24 September 2010

Looking for new home

Some of my stuff, for sale

I just love to create and make new bags, combine different materials, try new forms so in the past years I have made lots of stuff, not because I would need so many bags, but because sewing relaxes me (as well as gardening and reading). Now all these are looking for new home, where they can be admired and used.

Smaller ones can be used for keeping credit cards or storing coins, bigger ones for whatever you like.

9cm x 12cm, zipper  SOLD

10cm x 11,5 cm, 13,5 cm handle  SOLD

tall, 13cm x 19cm, 22cm handle

19cm x 15cm, 29cm handle, zipper  SOLD

16,5cm x 16,5cm, 18cm handle 

20,5cm x 15cm, 28cm handle, zipper  SOLD

white handbag, 26-32,5cm x 22,5 cm, 69cm handle  SOLD

24,5cm x 30,5cm, 114cm handle 

38cm x 43cm, 91 cm handle 

How do you call these? In English I mean. I have no idea.... Anyway, if I do not use zipper, I use these. Whatever they are called ;)

If you want more informations or photos, please contact me.

Many more to come.....

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