Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentines shopping bags

I belive that more and more people are becoming enviromentally conscius about disposabe plastic bag and are using cotton bags insted. The Valentines day is near, so I made a few shopping bags with lovely hearts. If you'd like your boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else to be more envorimentally friendly now's the time. Those bags can be washed and reused over and over again. The best part is, they can be folded and put into handbag.

Small hearts or one big heart, the choice is yours.


  1. Very cute, and love the fabric choices on the hearts

  2. Čudovite!! Ko bi imela še nekoga, ki bi mi dal svojo kartico, bi šla takoj v šoping:)

  3. Tudi mene zelo veseli, da se vedno več ljudi odloča za takšne vrečke. Zelo so uporabne, veliko bolj vzdržljive in seveda, veliko pripomorejo k ohranjanju narave. Odlično si tole naredila.