Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sudoku quilting

Have you ever heard of Sudoku quilting? If you like solving sudoku and quilting, this is the thing for you and it's very fun! You need 81 pieces of quilting fabric, 9 different prints. I bought Central Park by Kate Spain for Moda. First you solve the sudoku, then you number your fabric pack from 1 - 9.

And you make a block regarding you fabric number and sudoku block. The best thing about sudoku quilting is that the pattern is never the same, just like the numbers on sudoku. But you do need to double or triple check before sewing.

This is my sudoku quilt.


This was the easy and the fun part, now comes the hard part: making a quilt sandwich and free moting quilting.


  1. Uh, nekaj od teh vzorčkov bi jaz tudi imela.Lepi koščki so.

  2. Sudoku rada rešujem, ampk tole bi pa bil zame prevelik zalogaj. Dobro izpade.

  3. Ful dobra ideja! Sem vedla, da je en kos matematičarke v tebi. :)

  4. Jaz sem že malo odvisna od sudokuja, saj ne mine dan, da nebi kakšnega rešila, vendar to bi bilo pa malo prehudo zame :)
    Si se pa dobro spomnila.

  5. Darsi, tudi jaz zelo rada rešujem sudoku ;) Tale ideja sudoku quilting ni zrasla na mojem zelniku.