Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Do you make them? Do you hate them? I usually don't make them, but if I do, I forget all about them half way through the year. This year's resolutions would be:

  • I hope I'll find more time to sew, at least half an hour a day.

    • I really really should finish what I started before I start sewing something new, so I won't have stack of half way finished projects.

      • I would like to start quilting. I looks like fun, so what's stoping me?

        • I don't use the sewing patterns, therefore I should start drawing the bags I make. I should make my own sewing patterns.

          • I should spend less time in front of the computer and go out more or read more or sew more.

            • I hope I'll continue with giveaways. It' so much fun. 

              • I hope to meet more people from bloging world.

                • I hope I'll open a store on Etsy. That would be nice.

                This is one of the unfinished project waiting to be done for some weeks. I finished it today, as well as some others little bags. And I sewed for about an hour or so. I very happy about it. 

                Enough of staring at a computer I'm off playing with my Irish!! Have a nice evening.


                1. Kiltanje je tudi meni super in me že zanima kaj boš ustvarila. Ko boš, če boš, ker resolucije so konec koncev bolj smernice in ne striktne zapovedi. Vsaj jaz jih tako jemljem.
                  Je ta torbica nova?

                2. Saša, si ob novem letu zastaviš kake smernice? In ja, torbica je nova.

                3. Mislim, da si dobro nastavila svoje želje in tudi upam, da ti jih uspe uresničiti. Vse dobro in ustvarjalno tudi tebi in da bi nas še naprej razveseljevala s svojimi pisanimi torbicami.